The fauna and the Wildlife Care and Protection Association, Alkioni, in Paros

Information on the fauna and the association Alkioni

Fauna of Paros and the association Alkioni

Bird release from Alkioni association in Paros

The fauna of Paros

There are about 200 species of birds on Paros. Some live permanently on the island, others only for a number of months (spring to summer) while some of them merely spending their migration season. In particular, Paros features an assortment of seabird varieties (silver gulls, Aegean gulls, cormorants, etc.), various predators, coraciiforms (Eleonora's falcons, crows, long-legged buzzards, bee-eaters), struciforms (nightingales, goldfinches, swallows, sparrows, thrushes, wagtails, hooded crows, crows, greenfinches), columbidae (pigeons, wild and collared doves), strigiformes (barn-owls, owls) and many more.

Partridges too are a staple of Paros’ wildlife, as well as a number of the migratory species –such as eurasian woodcocks, common wood pigeons, European turtledoves– and many aquatic species.

Last but not least, a slew of mammals: hares, wild rabbits and weasels.

Landscape with a small bird

Wildlife Care and Protection Association, Alkioni

ALKIONI was established in 1995 in Paros as a non- profit Wildlife Care and Protection Association, aiming at:

  • The Protection and re-integration in nature of all the wounded, weak or sick Wild Animals, which are treated at the Association’s hospital.
  • The protection of the Fauna though the Environmental Training, the Awareness and the Collaboration of the citizens and the protection of biotopes by the collection of information and researches and through informative, state and when necessary legal procedures.


The operation of ALKIONI is based exclusively on voluntary work.

The people that work in the Association are volunteers that belong to the permanent staff of Paros or Athens or work at first-aid stations all over Greece or are scientific collaborators of our Association.

The veterinarians that collaborate with Alkioni in the first aid stations

  • Antonis Labrou Central installations (Paros)
  • Panos Marafelias (Athens)
  • Marika Ioannidou (Rhodes)
  • Maria Kabouraki (Chania)
  • Margarita Valdi (Santorini)
  • Dimitris Vassalakis (Naxos)

Tel. +302284022931, +306944741616

Care of birds at the Association Alkioni in Paros


Release of a wild bird from Alkioni Association Treatment of wild bird from Alkioni Association Wildlife treatment from Alkioni Association


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