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In Paros there are many museums and collections for the visitors that want to learn about the history and the old way of living of Paros.

You will find museums in Parikia, Naoussa, Marpissa, Lefkes and in other villages of Paros.

Archaeological Museum of Paros

The Archaeological Museum of Paros was built in 1960, next to Parikia's High School and it is one of the most important museums in Greece, due to the exhibits that were brought to light during excavations in Paros and Antiparos.

These findings date from the Neolithic period to the Early Christianity. Among these findings are: the Nike (Victory) of Paros, Cycladic figurines, mosaics, the ancient marble Mermaid (Gorgo), which according to the myth is a monster that terrifies and petrifies whoever faces it, kouroi, the poet Archilochus, amphorae from a Parian workshop, deities etc.

In the showcases of the Archaeological Museum of Paros, there are findings from the pottery and the marble sculpture workshops, while in its yard there are statues and sarcophagi dating back to the Classical and the Roman period, as well as mosaics that were found in Panagia Ekatontapiliani (The Virgin Mary of 100 doors).

Exhibits at the Archaeological Museum of Paros

Information: +302284021231
Opening hours: every day except Monday (8.00 - 15.00)

More specifically, the most important exhibits of the museum are:

  • The marble statue of the Mermaid (Gorgo) (Museum no. 1285), of 1.35 m. It is preserved whole. It was the central ornament of the temple. It was found in 1993 in an ancient public building in Parikia. It dates back to the middle of the 6th century BC.
  • Two marble relief plates (Museum no. 758-759) from Archilochus' memorial. On one of the plates there is Archilochus in his deathbed and on the other one, a lion that devours a bull. These plates were built in the floor of Katapoliani's atrium. They date back to the end of the 6th century BC.
  • The colossal marble statue of Artemis (Museum no.1251) from the Delian in Paros, of 2.74m. – including the plinth. It is the sanctuary’s worship statue, of the same type as the archaic kore with the chiton. It dates back to 480-490 BC
  • The marble statue of Nike (Victory) (Museum no.245), of 1.35 m. The head, the arms and the wings of the statue are missing. It was found at the area of Kastro (Castle), in Parikia, in Paros. It dates back to 470 BC.
  • The marble statue of an enthroned goddess (Museum no.162), of 1.57 m. The head and the arms are missing. It was found in Agairia, in Paros, in 1885, by Loewy.
  • The marble ionic capital dating back to the 6th century (Museum no.733). Crowning of a votive column at Archilochus' memorial. It bears an inscription referring to the monument's foundation by Dokimos (4th century BC).
  • A Neolithic figurine of a squatting woman with her hands under her breast (Museum no. 886) of 0,055 m. It was found on the island Saliagos.
  • A marble statue of a kore with chiton (Museum no. 802), of 0.86 m. It was found in Protoria in Naoussa. It dates back to the 6th century BC.

Municipal Library of Paros "Giannis Gkikas"

The Municipal Library of Paros operates since 2003 with big success. It is housed in a beautiful restored building, in the traditional village of Parikia.

More that 11.000 titles are available to the public; there is also a rich department of archives material on the history and the civilization of Paros and a special section dedicated to the ancient Parian poet Archilochus.

The library operates as a lending library and a reading room, while it is also equipped with computers.

Information: +302284028233

Folklore Museum of Marpissa

At Agios Nicolaos square, at the center of Marpissa, there is the folklore museum of the village that was founded by the Women Association of Marpissa.

Exhibits at the folklore museum of Marpissa

It is a restored stone building, which is a representation of a typical house of Paros. Here, you will see all the objects of everyday use of a traditional household, which have been offered to the museum by the people of Marpissa. Traditional old furniture, a loom, utensils and various other objects of the traditional life of Paros.

Information: +302284041217
Opening hours: every day except Tuesday (10.00 - 14.00 & 18.00 - 22.00)

Museum of the Aegean Folk Culture

This museum is housed in Lefkes Village hotel and it was founded by the businessman – writer Giorgos Pittas. Here, you can see objects that are used in every day’s life in Paros and the islands of the Aegean Sea in general and objects that were used in old traditional occupations. Each section has its own history that is written on boards with informative pictures.

Exhibits of the Museum of the Aegean Folk Culture in Paros

Sculpture Museum of Perantinos

The Sculpture Museum of "Nikos Perantinos" is located on the hill of Marpissa, at the eastern side of Paros.

The sculptor Nikos Perantinos was a graduate of the School of Fine Arts, where he studied in the sculpture studio of Thomas Thomopoulos; then, he continued his studies in Paris. In 1941 he got appointed as a permanent sculptor for the Archeological Museum, where he carried out important work in the restoration of ancient sculptures. He is the teacher of simplicity and classical form and he got plenty of awards.

Sculpture in marble depicting Maria Callas in the Sculpture Museum in Paros

In 1964, he returns from Paris and founds the marble sculpture workshop in Agia Anna, in Paros, aiming at continuing the sculpture tradition in Paros. These workshops are open for people of all ages who love sculpture.

On the 23rd of March 1991, he has been awarded the Fine Arts Distinction in Sculpture by the Athens Academy. After his death (20th of July 1991), the establishment of the Sculpture Museum of N. Perantinos has been published in the Greek Official Gazette (no. 1045).

The Museum opened right after his death in 1991, in Paros and it was housed in a small room. Within the eighteen years from its foundation, the Museum's Administrative Board tried and managed to expand the museum with the contribution of the Municipality of Paros and of the Ministry of Culture. Today the museum is housed in a beautiful neoclassical building, which is composed of five large rooms, where you can see sculptures by Nikos Perantinos.

Exhibit hall at the Sculpture museum of Perantinos in Paros

Information: +302284041217, +302284023851
Opening hours: every day (07.00 - 15.00)

Cycladic Folklore Museum of M. Skiadas

This museum, which is located at the entrance of Aliki, a picturesque fishermen village on the most southern edge of Paros, houses works by the self-taught folklore artist Benetos Skiadas. As a handicraftsman in constructions, Benetos Skiadas has created exceptional miniatures, the most important of which are models of ships from all the historical periods. The artist participated in various contests and was awarded various prizes.

Exhibit in the cycladic folklore museum of Skiadas in Paros

In the museum's yard, you will find miniature models of the Castle of Parikia, of the monastery of the Virgin Mary Hozoviotissa, of a typical dovecote of Tinos, of the church of the Virgin Mary of Tinos and other constructions inspired by the Cycladic landscape.

The Byzantine and post-Byzantine Art Museum

The building that used to be a catholic school during the Turkish domination, in Agios Athanassios, has been restored and today it houses the Byzantine and post-Byzantine Art Museum of Paros.

Here, are exhibited woodcut items, worship articles, sculptures of the Roman and the Venetian period, icons created by Parian and Cretan icon painters of the 12th and the 13th century, as well as the unique part of fresco that was preserved in the Byzantine church of the 12th century, in Protoria of Naoussa.

The most important icons that are exhibited here are: the Prayer, the Deposition and the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus.

House of Literature

The Municipal Hostel of Lefkes in Paros, an imposing building at the center of Ramnos, has been transformed into the "House of Literature", at the initiative of the Municipality of Paros and of the European Translation Center (ΕΚΕΜΕΛ).

The building houses writers, translators and other artists who take advantage of the peacefulness of the place to create.

The house of literature in Lefkes of Paros

The House of Literature, at Lefkes, in Paros, has been integrated into a network of European residence halls. It is composed of 14 rooms, one library, one study room and one work room equipped with computers and it is open all year long.

Byzantine Museum

The Byzantine Museum of Paros is housed in the complex of buildings of Ekatontapiliani, in Parikia. It houses rare icons that date back to the 17th and the 18th century, ecclesiastical items and valuable relics of the post-Byzantine history of Paros.

The collection of icons and relics in Ekatontapiliani started in the beginning of our century, at the initiative of the archimandrite and parish priest of Ekatontapiliani, Georgios Phil. Skaramagas (1867 - 1944). At first it included items that were found in this church as well as items that were collected from other churches in Parikia. Thenceforth, the collection keeps growing thanks to donations or through the collection of other icons.

The church Ekatontapiliani in Paros, that houses the Byzantine museum

In the first big room you will mainly find icons, in the small chapel, woodcut items and in the third room there are vestments, clasps, ecclesiastic items and the woodcut epitaph of Ekatontapiliani. In the two smaller rooms, in special showcases you will find silver items.

Information: +302284021243
open from April, and durring summer opel all day long

The Folklore Museum in Lefkes

In Lefkes, there is the Folklore Museum, which is managed by the Cultural Association “Yria”. Here, you will find items from the old way of living such as embroideries, textiles, tools etc. These objects have been donated by local people and the first donation was made by Nikos Panteleos. It must be noted that the Folklore Museum of Lefkes was the first Folklore Museum of Paros.

Exhibit hall in the folklore museum of Lefkes in Paros

Information: +302284042414
The museum is open from 15/6 until 15/9

Historical Folklore Museum – Othon Kaparis Collection

At the Historical Folklore Museum of Paros (Othon Kaparis Collection), which is located alongside the square of Naoussa, one of the most picturesque villages of Paros, you will find the collection of Othon Kaparis, a celebrated and valued Parian doctor. There are findings from the Mycenaean citadel of Koukounaries, ancient coins, maps, items of the Parian peasants’ every day life, nautical items, historical books etc.

There is also rich photographic material, with photos of Naoussa of the fifties that Othon Kaparis took himself. In the museum that he runs himself, you will find Mr. Giannis Vassilopoulos, who is always there to guide the visitors around the museum.


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